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Exhibitions at Idea Store Canary Wharf

Put Me in Your Stories by Meng Ni Beh

Monday 28 January - Tuesday 26 February

Meng is a London based artist and her latest work is a series of hand drawn illustrations, inspired by her daughter’s bedtime stories. ‘Put Me in Your Stories’ is a series of 28 drawings, each drawing is a fragment of a story and each holds memories of precious family time together, a reminder to live in the present and not go through life mindlessly.

The inspiration for Meng’s work has always come from familiar everyday surroundings. Over the last decade, the focus of her work has shifted from reflecting on a specific aspect of everyday life to integrating art into her everyday experience.

More information about her work can be found on her website

Women in History: An Exhibition of Cartoons

Friday 1 - Sunday 31 March

An exhibition of cartoons by female cartoonists and illustrators, curated by the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation. The work of many of these cartoonists is regularly published in the press, publishing and broadcast media.