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Current Exhibition

Adam Doughty: Connect -  Tower Hamlets Illustrated
3 May - 2 July 2017


Within the 'Connect' exhibition, the artist Adam Doughty has created a series of illustrations which provide a snapshot into modern life in Tower Hamlets and beyond.
The artist draws upon a variety of architectural, historical and cultural features within his work and aims to celebrate Tower Hamlet's rich cultural diversity and historical achievements.

Doughty frequently illustrates everyday objects often with a surrealist twist. His artistic style has been described by some as 'Magical Realism'.
Throughout the process of creating this exhibition, Doughty has made new connections, which has allowed him to view his borough from a renewed perspective. He hopes that onlookers will establish their own new connections through observation and creative exploration.

Adam Doughty is an Illustrator who lives and works in the borough of Tower Hamlets. He has worked in the field of professional illustration for the past IO years, where he has created artwork for book publishers,  newspapers, architects, magazines and charitable events.

As a flaneur, Doughty enjoys documenting and drawing the surrounding borough of Tower Hamlets with his fine line pen. He takes in the fast paced life of the City, whilst referencing and capturing people in his freehand style. He enjoys making use of the local archives to research the E & EC postcodes when constructing his final illustrations.