Idea Store - First Steps

First Steps

First Steps courses are suitable for you if you work with individuals who are new to Idea Store Learning. This is a good option to take if you are interested in learner progression as it supports learners to move from basic to intermediate level learning. This may subsequently support learners to become job-ready.

This course option is available to:

The offer:

The first course is offered free of charge (but will be subject to availability and take up of a progression course - see below)

Learners from the first course will be expected to progress onto a second course. Costs start from as little as £2.25 per hour, per learner. Accredited courses may also have additional exam fees attached.

An Idea Store visit is incorporated into this offer, free of charge.

We can help you set up a maximum of three First Steps courses per term.

What next?

For more information, or to set up this option, email the Community Development Team at or call 020 7364 7444.