Idea Store - Partners Feedback

Partners Feedback

In the last academic year, the Community Development Team have worked with 27 local partners including; the third sector, registered providers, schools, children's centres and the public sector.

We hope the following feedback, from past and existing partners, gives confidence in the quality and efficiency of our work and learning courses.

Belly Dancing
"The belly dancing session was absolutely smashing for my project! The parents really enjoyed themselves! It has boosted their confidence and self-esteem and taught them to improve their flexibility and strength".
Machuma Uddin
Volunteer Support Worker
Poplar HARCA Housing Association, Linc Centre 

Singing and Jewellery Making
"Fern Street have been very happy to be part of your learning opportunities. My members really enjoy their singing classes and really love the new jewellery making course which I sincerely hope we will be able to extend for some time to come!".
Pat Burton
Outreach Development Manager
Fern Street Settlement Day Centre 

Parental Training
"We have had a very welcoming service and have felt very encouraged by the fast, effcient and friendly support from the Idea Store Community Development Team. Thank you for helping to develop our parental training programmes and courses -  we are grateful for the personal service you have provided".
Asik Miah
Parental Involvement Officer
Bigland Green Primary School
Sewing and Belly Dancing
"My experience of working alongside Tahir from the Community Development Team at Idea Store Learning has been excellent. Their partnership working with us has been pivotal in delivering quality services for our families. Their flexibility and support has enabled us to work around busy timetables and deliver a variety of courses".
Zubair Ahmed
Community Development Officer
Around Poplar Children's Centre

"We are very grateful to Idea Store Learning for agreeing to run a pottery course in our day centre. This will have a very positive effect on the people who attend the centre as they will be able to learn a new skill under the guidance of a trained tutor".
William Everett
Deputy Manager
Pritchard's Road Day Centre
First Aid and Family Learning Singing and Storytelling
"We love the classes that have been provided by the Community Development Team. Most recently was the First Aid course attended by some of our parents. Feedback was overwhemingly positive for the quality of the course but also for the overall organisation, which brought together a diverse and culturally mixed group of learners who all got on really well! We are excited about the forthcoming Family Learning Singing and Storytelling classes. It's great for children and parents to learn and enjoy activities together. Parents are singing up already!".
Janet Mascarenhas
School - Home Support Worker
Harbinger Primary School

"Physical excercise is vital for the parents of children at Stephen Hawking School to keep their own health in good form so that they can manage the everyday needs of their children. The parents who attended the sessions thoroughly enjoyed each one, especially as it allowed them some "me - time", a very rare opportunnity for them because of their difficult and demanding lifestyle. I have a very good working relationship with Mandisha - she helped to set up the course for me and was always available on emails or phone for my questions that may have arisen".
Jasmin Islam
Home Liaison Officer
Stephen Hawking, SEN, Primary School

Singing and Storytelling
"We would like to thank you for organisng the Singing and Storytelling session for Columbia School. We had our first session and the parents are really pleased with it. They are looking forward to future sessions like this!"
Reha Ahmed and Verna Grant
Learning Mentors
Columbia Primary School

Woodwork, ICT, Belly Dancing and Singing
"Idea Store Learning has been an asset to the delivery of the Positively Integrated Project outputs. Thanks to the outstanding attitude and expertise of the Community Development Team, we have been able to tailor courses to meet both our clients and the organisation's demands. Capable and sensible tutors support our leaners' educational needs, enhancing their performances.
2012 / 13 will be the second year of great partnership between the Jagonari Positively Integrated Project and Idea Store Learning. So far, we have been facilitated in delivering the following courses:

We look forward to be working together for many years to come, igniting the flame of knowledge within the community, at any age, at any stage! ... Thank you Mandisha!"
Domenica Pecoraro
Positively Integrated Project Officer
Jagonari Women's Education Resource Centre