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Fitness, Health & Wellbeing - Course Outlines

Download fitness, health and wellbeing course outlines from here. Stay healthy through exercise with classes including aerobics, pilates, yoga and circuit training or learn to relax and de-stress with courses and workshops including aromatherapy, mindfulness and Reiki

Aromatherapy Taster

Basic Massage in Pairs Taster

Body Conditioning for Women 


Chair-based Yoga

Circuit Training with Weights

Creative Thinking Workshop

Exercise for Healthy Backs

Further Massage Techniques

Get Started in Tai Chi 

Healthy Backs Taster

Indian Head Massage Taster

Introduction to Creative Thinking

Introduction to 5 Element Shiatsu Massage

Introduction to Life Coaching 

Introduction to Massage

Introduction to Mindfulness 

Introduction to Reflexology

Legs, Bums, Tums for Women

Life Coaching Workshop 

Lunchtime Yoga

Mindfulness Through Lunchtime

Mother and Baby Swimming 3 months – 23 months – Beginners

Mother and Baby Swimming 2 - 4 years – Beginners

Pilates Exercise - All Levels

Pilates Body Conditioning – Beginners

Pilates Body Conditioning – Intermediate

Pilates Exercise for Women – Beginners 

Pilates for Beginners

Reiki Taster

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 2

Reflexology Taster

Self Defence - All Levels

Self-Esteem Workshop

Stress Relief Through Mindfulness Taster

Tai Chi [Yang Style] with Qi Gong – Intermediate

The Power of Self-Esteem - Self Esteem Enhancement

Walkie Talkie Part 1

Walkie Talkie Part 2  

Walkie Talkie Part 3

Welcome to Shiatsu Massage 

Yoga - Beginners

Yoga - Intermediate

Yoga for Women