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Languages and Interpreting

Modern Foreign Languages

We offer a variety of languages from complete beginners to more advanced levels for our most popular languages. For more information on what is covered in each course please see our course outlines.

The majority of our levels are divided into three modules of 20 hours each.

Beginners 12 week courses
These courses take you from a complete novice to being able to hold a simple conversation on everyday topics. To join a Part 2 course you will need approximately 30 hours equivalent knowledge.

Beginners (0-60 hours)
“These classes take you from complete novice to being able to hold a simple conversation on everyday topics for example ordering a drink. To join a Part 2 or Part 3 course you will need 20 - 40 hours equivalent knowledge.

Pre-Intermediate (60 – 120 hours)
At this level we will move from simple conversations to describing past events and talking about predictions and future plans.

Intermediate (120 – 180 hours)
Intermediate will consolidate your previous knowledge and improve your speaking accuracy and fluency.

Upper Intermediate (over 180 hours)
This class is for confident speakers who want to develop their fluency and improve their grammar through challenging discussions and debates on current affairs and cultural issues.

Develop Skills to Support Your Work

We offer qualifications in Community Interpreting at Level 1 and Level 3 and British Sign Language at Level 1. For all of these courses you will need to start with a Prepare for course as an introduction to the subject.