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Performing Arts Learner Success Stories

Hana Bogarova and Gabriella Sandoval
Idea Store Learners: Professional Dance Training

Hana and Gabriella attended the ‘Professional Dance Training’ course and are due to start respectively a BA in Theatre and Drama and a BA in Dance at Birkbeck University of London in September 2014.

“The course is excellent, inspirational, whether you simply wish to engage in personal development or more qualifications. The teacher is always willing to help you regardless how stuck you are. The quality of teaching is outstanding.“ Hana

“This great experience enhanced my self -confidence to apply to University and gave me the necessary training to be ready for the intensity of a dance degree. Highly recommended, I met such nice classmates and had so much fun!” Gabriella

Idea Store Learning Dance Students Hana Bogarova and Gabriella Sandoval