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Have you enrolled on an Idea Store digital photography course and would like to find out more? Read, browse and search 'Which? Digital Photography Made Easy' from your home computer or on the move.


Details of courses available can be found in the 'Photography' section of the Course Guide [PDF Format]

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Digital Photography For Dummies

The more you know about your digital camera and about digital photography, the more you'll enjoy taking pictures and the better your pictures will be. Of course, the best way to see examples of good photographic techniques is in full color, and Digital Photography For Dummies, 5th Edition gives you exactly that -- plenty of beautiful, colorful photos that show you what you can accomplish and start the ideas popping.

How to Do Everything With Your Digital Camera

Bring your digital vision to life while mastering the essentials of good photography. Accomplished photographer and best-selling author Dave Johnson shows you why digital photography is truly the visual recording medium of the future. Learn the basics such as composition, exposure, flash, and lighting, then push your camera to the limits by turning it into a document scanner, image editor, and more.

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies

Whether you own a Digital SLR camera or are thinking of buying one, with this guide, you'll give it your best shot! It has information to help you choose the right camera and accessories, and then use them right. Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies covers the hardware, the software, and the techniques you need to take top-notch digital photos with your dSLR.

This book is split into clear sections and interspersed with photographs and bullet points, which along with the friendly language makes it an enjoyable read.

Digital Photography Bible

This guide is the perfect digital photography reference for serious amateurs as well as nonprofessional photographers who use a digital camera on the job.   
It walks readers through the entire digital photography workflow, from shooting photos and editing them in the digital darkroom to cataloging, printing, and publishing images online.

Topics covered include selecting cameras, printers, and accessories; mastering basic digital camera techniques; getting great results when shooting sports, nature, landscapes, and people; and working with Photoshop and other image-editing and image-management software.

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'Which? Digital Photography Made Easy'
By the end of the book, you'll know what to look for in a digital camera, how to take a fantastic photo, understand the technical terms and will feel perfectly at home with the software and accessories available to help you organise, share, edit and manipulate your pictures.


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