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Learning about Visual Arts

Over time at Idea Store Learning we have developed a broad, rich, vibrant range of visual arts courses aimed at helping you learn new visual and artistic skills. Whether you want to learn to paint with watercolours, learn screen printing techniques, ceramic design skills, create floral displays, develop your oil painting skills, be a creative writer or simply brush up on your life drawing skills we have a visual arts programme in which you will enjoy learning to be creative in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

A taste of some of our beginners courses on offer:
• Graphic Design – Poster Design
• Creative Writing
• Life Drawing
• Introduction to Printmaking Techniques
• Screen Printing Techniques
• Introduction to Interior Design
• Get Started in Ceramics with Throwing
• Floral Displays
• Get Started in Painting and Drawing
• Basic 3D Design Skills
• Jewellery Making using Bead Craft

There are also opportunities to further develop and build your skills as an artist or designer

We offer a wide choice of courses whether you wish to refine your existing skill level or develop more advanced techniques and skills we have a visual arts course for you.

Examples include:
• Intermediate Interior Design
• Painting and Drawing – All levels
• Create Fantastic Bracelets and Earrings – All   Levels
• Graphic Design - Poster Design – All levels
• Explore Creative Clay and Ceramics – All levels
• Floral Displays – All levels
• Improve your Painting and Drawing - Intermediate
• Life Drawing – All levels
• Open Studios Printmaking – Improvers
• Screen Printing on Fabric and Batik – All levels
• Advanced Creative Writing Skills - Advanced

‘All Levels’ classes are a mix of more advanced learners who may be working on individual projects or developing more advanced skills and techniques. You will be taught by highly skilled and dedicated visual arts practitioners offering you the best learning experience within the arts. We have excellent recourses at our Shadwell Centre with dedicated printmaking studios, ceramics studio and learning environments.

Last year OFSTED Inspected the Visual Arts area – and it was graded as 'Good' demonstrating the strength and depth of teaching and learning provided by Idea Store Learning.

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