Idea Store - Brick Lane Born Exhibition: Some photos by Raju Vaidyanathan, 1983-1989

Brick Lane Born Exhibition: Some photos by Raju Vaidyanathan, 1983-1989

Now on tour!

We're delighted to announce that our exhibition of photos by Raju Vaidyanathan will now tour Idea Stores - the innovative library and lifelong learning service in Tower Hamlets. The exhibition is now on show with its contents split between the following locations until 27 March:

Idea Store Watney Market, Floors 1 and 2
 - Photos of young people, football, and leisure

Idea Store Whitechapel, Floor 4 Gallery
 - Photos of markets, shops and streetscapes

 After this, the exhibition will tour to:

Idea Store Bow, 4 - 26 April
Idea Store Canary Wharf, 2 - 30 May

 To see further photographs from the exhibition, check out our Facebook page or search the hashtag #BrickLaneBorn on Twitter..

About the photographer

Growing up in Spitalfields in the 1980s, Raju Vaidyanathan took thousands of photographs of his neighbourhood but could never afford to develop his negatives into prints. A selection of his extraordinary images will be exhibited at Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives - an insider's view of community life in Brick Lane, captured by an Asian teenager. Still living and working in Tower Hamlets, Raju enrolled on an Idea Store Learning Photography course in 2015 and finally began to develop his negatives, seeing his own work for the first time in nearly thirty years.
Raju's camera recorded more than just the derelict buildings and run-down streetscapes which tend to dominate visual representations of Brick Lane during this period. What we've found so refreshing and unique about Raju's photographs are the glimpses they provide of interior scenes in the lives of local people: regulars at the Seven Stars or the Beigel Bake, Bengali activists lobbying the council, the Queen Mother's visit to Whitechapel Gallery, bargain hunters at Cheshire Street market, the Bangladeshi Youth Movement (BYM) football teams in action, an elderly Jewish shopkeeper behind his counter and Joi Bangla Krew on stage at the Half Moon Theatre.

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