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Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Welcome to the Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge!

Sign up with the Silly Squad and let the fun begin!


This year the Summer Reading Challenge will celebrate happiness, fun and laughter! Join the team of seriously funny animals as they get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem in some of the best books around!

Children taking part can borrow books from our fantastic e-Library for free!



Coming soon...


Need some help signing up or have a question about the challenge? We’re here to help!

How can I sign up for the challenge?
You can register at It’s free to take part in the challenge!

How do I complete the challenge?
This year you can read as many cool books as you like to complete the Silly Squad challenge – why not read a squillion! You can also come to 6 of our special Silly Squad events to get a medal

What books can I read?
You can read all of your favourite books from home or school, or download loads of our fantastic e-books and audiobooks from our Children's eLibrary

Will I still get a medal?
Yes! You'll be able to collect your medal when your local Idea Store or library opens in the future