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Accessible Equipment

Accessible Equipment to Support Disabled People in Idea Stores


My Reader CCTV System
Full colour auto scanner / magnifier to support users with low vision. As well as scanning bills, letters and medicine packaging it captures entire pages of books and presents them for reading in enhanced size with a range of contrast combinations on the integrated screen. For more information see the Humanware website and the RNIB website.
Idea Store Bow 

SuperNova Software
Supports blind and visually impaired people to use computers, combining screen reader, magnifier and Braille support. For more information see the Dolphin website.

Surfing Spaces at all sites and IT Learning Labs at Idea Store Bow, Idea Store Whitechapel and the Shadwell Centre 

textHELP Read and  Write Gold Software
Provides assistance with reading and composing text to users with literacy difficulties, dyslexia or English as a second language. For more information visit the textHELP website.
Idea Store Whitechapel 

Big Keys LX QWERTY Colour Uppercase Keyboard
Simplified keyboard with large colour coded keys to assist early learners or people with dyslexia and learning related difficulties. For more information see the Big Keys website.
All sites 

Large Print Keyboard Yellow on Black and White on Black
Standard layout with large print, high contrast lettering on the keys to assist partially sighted people. 
All sites

Microsoft Advanced Ergonomic Keyboard
Ergonomic design with zoom, hot key and improved number pad function.
Idea Store Canary Wharf 

Logitech Trackman Wheel Mouse and other Trackball Mouse Configurations
A range of ergonomic mouse configurations are available to support users with a variety of needs. For more information see the Logitech website. 
All Idea Stores 

Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad and other Wrist Rests
A variety of wrist supports and mouse mats are available.
All Idea Stores 

Philips 23 Inch Wide-Screen Monitor
Idea Stores have large monitors attached to PCs running magnification software in Surfing Spaces and Learning Labs.
All Idea Stores

Hearing Assistance
Some Idea Stores have integral hearing loop systems installed on Help Desks and in selected Learning Labs. Other sites have a portable induction loop on Help Desks. A portable room loop system is available for other learning labs and meeting rooms. Please ask at Idea Stores or libraries if you require assistance.

Conversor Assistive Listening Device
Personal assistive listening device with microphone / transmitter and receiver pendant loop for use with hearing aid or headphones / earbuds. For more information see the Conversor website.
Idea Store Bow

RNID Sound Advantage Crystal Conversation Amplifier
Personal listening device for use with neck loop or headphones.
Idea Store Bow 

Portable Room Loop System
Available for use in Learning Labs and meeting rooms at any store or library not fitted with integral hearing induction loop systems, up to 70 square metres. For more information see the RNID website.
Idea Store Bow 

Portable Ezee Loop
Flexible use system for one to one encounters in meeting rooms and across counters, with integral microphone and amplifier with a range of one metre from the hearing aid. For more information see the RNID website.
Some library and Idea Store Help Desks