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Children & Families

Starting 27 November Winter Reading Challenge Join our Winter Reading Challenge and receive a certificate from Santa! 


Save Our Planet

The planet is heating up and extreme weather conditions are causing mass devastation around the world. Join us for our 'Save Our Planet' challenge.


spine festival 2021

Spine festival is an annual festival across London for young people and families to get them to engage with the written and spoken word through a variety of creative art projects run by specially commissioned artists.


idea store story time

ebooks and audiobooks

audio books and ebooks

With Idea Store membership you can download eBooks and audiobooks directly to your smartphone or tablet.

overdrive kids

OverDrive Kids is a special collection of eBooks and audiobooks just for children, hosted by Overdrive. Download the Overdrive app to explore!

download overdrive on the app store  download overdrive on google play store


Download the Borrowbox app to find more children’s audiobooks

download borrowbox on app store  download borrowbox on google play store

lets get crafty ebooks

Check out some great crafting ideas for kids with this specially selected collection of eBooks from Overdrive



britannica junior

Britannica Library junior is designed especially for children aged 6-14