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Exhibitions at Idea Store Canary Wharf

From the Stands: A photographic exhibition By Dawad Marsh

Monday 4 - Saturday 30 November

An exhibition of photographs showing the passion that goes with supporting a team through thick and thin.

I grew up playing football with my friends on the small green field in front of our house.  I played from the early morning until it was too dark to even see the ball. We threw our coats down as goals, waited for someone to bring a ball, divided ourselves up into teams and played.

The rules were harsh, flexible, biased, unfair, argued over, non-existent and often left in shreds somewhere behind the goals as we battled with our friends in games that seemed to last forever. Goals were disputed, tackles that started fights were not easily forgotten, injuries proudly worn behind blooded shirts and jeans and trainers battered and muddied until they could barely hold themselves together.

As an amateur photographer and West Ham season ticket holder my passion for the game has inspired me to record the home matches from when we were based at the Boleyn Ground through to London Stadium. The exhibition focuses on the fans, those who grew up with their own memories of following and playing football as kids and now who stand together, as a family united in our support for our team.

This is a work in progress and the people I have met along the way have filled me with pride for their journey, respect for their commitment and shared role in a family that rises as one to sing and cheer on our team.