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Idea Store Design

The quality of design in Idea Stores plays a significant part in creating an accessible, attractive and contemporary space which encourages people to engage with library and learning services.

What the Papers Say 

'Idea Store Chrisp Street...a sophisticated piece of architecture that does what the council asks, in an uncondescending and subtle way' 
Deyan Sudjic, The Observer July 11, 2004 p12

' Idea Store in Whitechapel is rife with deliberate ambiguities of light, sight and space' 
Jay Merrick, The Independent September 28, 2005 p48

' new building in Whitechapel is accessible, not patronising, crowd-pleasing but not dumb, glamorous but not glib' 
Rowan Moore, The Evening Standard, September 23, 2005 p28


Idea Store Bow and Idea Store Watney Market - Bisset Adams 
Idea Stores Chrisp Street  and Whitechapel - Adjaye/Associates 
Idea Store Canary Wharf - Dearle & Henderson

Detailed information  

Idea Store Bow 
Idea Store Chrisp Street 
Idea Store Whitechapel 
Idea Store Canary Wharf 


Idea Store Bow - LGC Innovation of the Year 2003
Idea Store Bow - Civic Trust Award 2004 [Mention] 
Idea Store Chrisp Street - RIBA London Award 2005 
Idea Store Whitechapel - RIBA London Award 2006  
Local Authority Award - The Academy for Sustainable Communities Award Winner 2007