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Past Exhibitions

Find information about all our past exhibitions in PDF.

The Gallery@Idea Store Whitechapel Past Exhibitions

March 2019 Holding The Baby
March 2018 Passing Notes
February 2018 Bengali Innovators of Toynbee Hall
April 2017 Leslie Farago: Street Lights II
January 2017 Raju Vaidyanathan: Brick Lane Born 1983-1989
November 2016 Gateway Housing Assoc: East End - A Place we call Home
October 2016 Half Moon Theatre: Stages of Half Moon
August 2016 Chris Harman: Faces - A Retrospective
June 2016 Silvia Lerin: Ivy from 'Inspired by an English Garden'
March 2016 Migration Museum Project: Keepsakes
December 2105 Miracles UK: 50 Children 50 Artists
November 2015 Chris Dorley-Brown: Efourteen
November 2015 Royal Photographic Society: Urbanicity
October 2015 Tareshvari Robinson and Angela Groundwater: The Art of Ageing
August 2015 Ruth Franklin: Curlers & Cuts
July 2015 Adult Learners’ Week: Love to learn with Idea Stores...
May 2015 Anne Frank Trust: Anne Frank & You
April 2015 Talking Photos: Whitechapel Reframed
March 2015 Local History library & Archives: Out of the Box Project
January 2015 Patxa Ibarz: Home, Soil and Memory 
November 2014 Maaike Anne Stevens: Almost Touching
October 2014 Brian Cheeswright & Ed Hill: Two Painters
August 2014 Bengali East End
June 2014 Andrea Stokes: Contemporary Dance For Beginners
June 2014 Bishop Challoner School: Shoepidity
May 2014 Maria Christoforatou: Dislocated
March 2014 Book Works: Dear Reader
January 2014 Kate Pelling: Select Reject Reconfigure
November 2013 Julie Myers: Song Vessels
October 2013 Chris Christophorou: Untold
September 2013 In.Vi.Te
June 2013 Adam Brigland: Treasure
April 2013 Kelly Cumberland: Vestigium [Pulvis] [isw]
March 2013 Nayia Yiakoumaki: Domestic Affairs
February 2013 Paul Ryan: Face to Face
January 2013 Giorgio Sadotti: Eleanor Eleanor Eleanor...
December 2012 Polly Gould: Antarctic Archive
October 2012 Torgny Wilcke: Wood Zone
September 2012 Moments Around Us
August 2012 Françoise Dupre: étoile [star]
June 2012 Dress Code: Publication
April 2012 Adam King: Rough Diamond Jubilee
March 2012 Freedom
February 2012 Nikos Varytimiadis: The Unknown
January 2012 Sophie Michael: Intra-Spectral
December 2011 Sharon Kivland: Amateur and Collector
October 2011 Susan Collins: Found Footage: Whitechapel
September 2011 Nadine Feinson: Decoy Paintings
July 2011 Slice: London - Lahore
June 2011 Finlay Taylor: Mouth Mollusc Butterfly
May 2011 Chiara Tocci
May 2011 Sultana Miah: The Waste
March 2011 John Plowman: Archive
February 2011 Charlotte Thrane: Between Them