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Business and Finance Course Outlines

Download business course outlines from here. We offer a range of courses for people who want to start their own business. Develop and build your business and finance skills.

Introduction to Bookkeeping

Introduction to Prince 2 Project Management

Introduction to Project Management

Sage Beginners

Sage Intermediate

Information Technology - Course Outlines

Download information technology course outlines from here. Classes are available in all aspects of computing and information technology, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Adobe Illustrator - Beginners

Adobe Illustrator Workshop - Beginners

Adobe Illustrator Workshop - Intermediate

Adobe InDesign Beginners

Adobe InDesign Intermediate

Adobe InDesign Workshop - Beginners

Adobe Muse

Adobe Photoshop Beginners

Adobe Photoshop Intermediate

Digital Skills Award

ECDL Essentials Level 1

ECDL Extra Level 2

Get Started in Microsoft Word

Get Started in Microsoft Excel

Get Started in Microsoft PowerPoint

Introduction to Adboe Illustrator

Introduction to Adobe InDesign

IT for Beginners

IT improvers

Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate

Prepare for ECDL

Web Development

Web Development - Introductory Workshop