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Fashion & Textiles

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Learn Fashion and Textiles

At Idea Store Learning we offer a broad range of fashion courses aimed at helping you learn and develop fashion or textile skills in a friendly and supportive environment. You do not need to own a sewing machine or necessarily have any previous experience as we have courses from beginner levels through to advanced levels. On offer are classes in which you can learn to knit, learn to cut a pattern or learn to sew your own clothes.

A taste of some of the courses on offer:
• Get Started in Sewing – Beginners
• Basic Clothes Making – Beginners
• Illustration For Marketing and Promotion
• Basic Pattern Cutting – Beginners
• Pattern Cutting and Sewing - Beginners
• Get Started in Fashion and Soft Tailoring – Beginners
• Hand Knitting - Beginners

We also offer some introductory exciting one day textile courses:
• Introduction to Yarn Craft – All Levels
• Christmas Crafts – All Levels
• Crochet and Macramé – All Levels
• Natural Dyeing and Crafting – All Levels

For learners with some existing knowledge and skills, there are courses for you too. Progress by joining one or more of our all levels*, intermediate oradvanced courses:
• Improve your Clothes Making Skills - Improvers
• Pattern Cutting for your Chosen Garment – All Levels
• Pattern Cutting and Sewing - Intermediate
• Dressmaking – Intermediate
• Soft Tailoring for Jackets and Coats – All Levels
• Soft Tailoring for Trousers and Skirts – All Levels
• Hand Knitting – All Levels
• Accessories: Bags, Belts and Soft Jewellery – All Levels
• Beaded Jewellery – All Levels
• Fashion Beading and Embroidery – All Levels
• Make Curtains, Blinds and Cushions – All Levels
• Prepare to Sell your Work Online – All Levels
• Sell your Work Online – All Levels

*All Levels courses are a mix of learners of all levels including beginners or advanced learners. You will be taught by highly skilled fashion and textiles practitioners and be taught to use a range of excellent resources. Following an all levels, intermediate or advanced course learners may progress to one of our workshops.


These workshops are for those learners who want the opportunity to progress their work further for employment or exhibition within the creative industries sector. The aim is for you to increase opportunities to raise your profile either through producing work for exhibition or competition or by direct employment, as self-employed entrepreneurs producing work for sale.

If you wish to enrol on a workshop class, you must have completed at least 20 hours on one of our intermediate or improvers’ courses, within the last three years or hold an equivalent level of knowledge and skills.