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Level of Classes

Fitness Classes

Classes within the Fitness programme are generally offered at Beginner, Intermediate or ‘All’ levels. Remember, even if you exercise on a regular basis, you may wish to attend a beginner level course if you are new to that particular style or format of class. 


This level is suitable for beginners or those with limited experience of the class style/format.  Classes at this level will focus on developing the correct exercise technique.  This level is also ideal for those who have not participated in that style for a long time and wish to refresh their skills.
Courses at this level include: Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Fitness for Weight Loss and Self-Defence. 


This level is aimed at people with good knowledge of the exercise style / format who want to improve and develop their skills and / or challenge their fitness level further. These classes will require a greater awareness of the class vocabulary than the beginner level courses.   
Courses at this level include: Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Self-Defence. 

All Levels

‘All Level’ courses are open to all and tutors will offer modifications to enable everyone to participate fully based on their experience and ability.
Courses at this level include: Yoga, Pilates, Legs, Bums & Tums, Circuit Training, Box ‘n’ Tone and Zumba 

Health Courses

The majority of Health courses are offered at beginner level. These are short courses and are a good introduction to the topic; no prior experience is needed at this level. Tutors can advise learners of further courses or progression routes for those who are interested. 
Courses include: Introduction to Healthy Lifestyles, Life Coaching; Reiki, Shiatsu Massage, Aromatherapy and Basic Beauty Technique

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops are a great way to try something new without the commitment of a whole course. These classes are open to all but will be taught at beginner level.
Workshops include: Creative Thinking, Mini-Manicures, Self-Esteem Enhancement and Shiatsu Massage

Please note that the above descriptions are provided for indicative purpose only as these may vary depending on personal circumstances. If in doubt please contact a member of the Health and Fitness Team and/or relevant tutor for advice on