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Ideachor Performance Group

This course offers a unique opportunity to create, rehearse and enhance choreographic work with public performances. Participants will be encouraged to bring creativity to each class as well as demonstrate their technical ability.

You should be able to commit to each class for the whole term and also be able to attend any extra rehearsal times and performance opportunities. You will perform the created piece twice at the Brady Arts Centre Theatre at the end of the course and at other venues, if opportunities arise.

Ideachor 2016

group of dance students

The course will focus on developing:

  • Body awareness and technique;
  • Physical Communication and Relationship;
  • Creative Exploration / Physical Articulation;
  • Movement Vocabulary & Expression;
  • Physical Spontaneity;
  • Team Work and observation skills;
  • Musicality;
  • How to use stimuli to initiate, develop and organize work into performance material;
  • The exploration of one’s own creative ideas and to encourage experimentation with a range of movement vocabulary within a supportive framework.

You must have some experience as a performer, who has received training in dance and is presently capable of working at Intermediate/advance level in contemporary Dance and/or Ballet (i.e. fundamental technical skills clearly understood and embodied in contemporary dance and/or confident grasp of classical Ballet).

You need to bring your passion, desire and curiosity for movement and dance.You will need to pass an audition to gain entry to this course.

For more information please contact as at: 

Current Production

‘As You Reach...’ (Semi-finalists at MOVE IT & Capezio Championship 2017)

The choreography’s starting point was looking at people’s body language when they meet; from first encounters to reunions of long lost family or friends. This short piece is also commenting on the effects of technology on social interactions and human relations in a today's society.

''It was incredible, it was so captivating, your characters were so clear right through the beginning, I wanted to know what was happening, I was engaged, choreographically it was so visually stunning''  - Lukas Tyrell MacFarlane

"It was fabulous, it was very unique, very different to anything we have seen here today, and everyone was an actor, and everyone on that stage knew how to act to their dance. I love originality that is what we need today".
- Arlene Phillips

The piece has been performed at MOVE IT & Capezio Championship 2017 and will be featured at Art Night event on 1st July 2017

Past Productions:

This contemporary dance piece is inspired by the animal and natural world that can be found in the urban context. ‘Dwam’ will take you on a journey as you meet different characters inhabiting a quiet city park. Costumes and objects are used to create a connection between the ordinary, everyday world and the more abstract world of dance. This choreography will appeal especially to a young audience.
The piece has been performed at the Big Dance Bus , Hackney Children Theatre and Bloom festivals.

'Raining Cats and Dogs'
The Choreography is inspired by London's graffiti.
This was featured at the SPINE Festival 2016.

The Choreography is inspired by the art exhibition 'Momentum' showed at the Barbican - Curve Gallery.
The choreography devised by Ideachor's members, recreates through the body and its relationship with space some of the patterns and most importantly the mood and environment, originally created by the twelve electronic pendulums of the exhibition.”