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Staying Safe Online

Idea Store Learning offers some of its learning programmes online, but do you know how to keep yourself safe online? 

Keep your personal information safe and secret

  • Don’t give away details which could be used to steal from you or to set up an account in your name. 
  • Think carefully before you share photos of yourself and others.  

Watch out for emails which appear to come from someone you know but which don’t feel right

  • Trust your suspicions, don’t click on any unexpected attachments or links in emails. 
  • Watch out for emails tricking you into giving personal information.  

Use anti-virus software on all your devices and keep it up to date

  • Good free versions are available e.g. bite-defender, AVG, Avast.  

Ensure you are using the latest software, apps and operating systems on your phones, tablets, and laptops 

  • Update these regularly or set your devices to automatically update. 

Use different passwords on different sites  

  • Include symbols and numbers - if it’s just a word it can easily be cracked.  
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone 

Use high privacy settings on social media accounts e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc 

If in doubt, block  

  • Just say no to invitations from people you don’t know  

If you have concerns about e-safety talk to your tutor. 

For further advice and guidance, please visit: or