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Technical & DIY Skills

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Learn Technical and DIY Skills

At Idea Store Learning we offer a range of technical courses aimed at helping you learn or develop technical and DIY skills in a friendly and supportive environment. You do not need to have any previous experience as we have courses from beginner through to improver levels.

The courses on offer:
• Home Improvements Plumbing
• Soft Furnishings for Upholstery
• Stained Glass
• Upholstery

Learners with some existing knowledge and skills in upholstery can progress by joining our upholstery all levels* or improvers courses.

*All Levels courses are a mix of learners of all levels including advanced learners who may be working on individual projects or developing more advanced skills and techniques. You will be taught by a highly skilled upholstery practitioner and supported by a range of excellent resources.