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Limehouse Rate Book 1767

Limehouse Poor Rate Assessment for July 1767 (taken from L/SAL/3/1[STE/812])

Few records of the civil parish of St. Anne, Limehouse have survived. Explore our catalogue descriptions for further details (ref L/SAL).

There are no original rate books for this parish. Quarterly rate assessments, 1767-1772, are recorded in the accounts of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor. Explore images on this webpage of the assessment for July 1767. They cover pages 14-17 of that volume only.

The poor rate was a local tax based on property. It was raised for the maintenance of the poor of the parish. The assessment is arranged in a geographical format. It begins at Fore Street (now called Narrow Street) and ends at Ropewalk. See the map showing the likely route of the assessment.

Information is in three columns:
• First column: name of the owner
• Second column: headed "Rents" gives the rateable value of the property
• Third column: amount to be paid.

The index is by Jozef van der Voort. An * indicates an abbreviation of the first name in the original document.

The Limehouse Rate Book, 1767 is in a PDF format.

Alphabetical Index to St. Anne's Poor Rate, 1767 [91 KB] [6 pages]

St. Anne's Poor Rate, 1767 [3.75MB] [4 pages]

St. Anne's Poor Rate map, 1746, by John Roque [4.79 MB] [2 pages]