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Limehouse Rate Book 1767

Limehouse Poor Rate Assessment for July 1767 (taken from L/SAL/3/1[STE/812])

Very few records of the civil parish of St. Anne, Limehouse have survived. A catalogue of those that do is available online at the Access to Archives site under the reference L/SAL. There are no original rate books among these records but contemporary copies of the quarterly poor rate assessments for 1767 to 1772 were made in a volume of accounts of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor. The accompanying digitised pages, an assessment for July 1767, are of pages 14-17 of that volume.

The poor rate was a local tax, based on property, levied for the maintenance of the poor of the parish. The assessment is arranged in a geographical format, beginning at Fore Street (now called Narrow Street) and ending at Ropewalk. See the accompanying map showing the supposed route of the assessment. The information is arranged in three columns. The first column gives the name of the owner, the second headed "Rents" gives the rateable value of the property, and the third column shows the actual amount to be paid.

The index of names was complied by Jozef van der Voort. An * indicates that the first name is abbreviated in the original document.

The Limehouse Rate Book, 1767 is in a PDF format.

Alphabetical Index to St. Anne's Poor Rate, 1767 [91 KB] [6 pages]

St. Anne's Poor Rate, 1767 [3.75MB] [4 pages]

St. Anne's Poor Rate map, 1746, by John Roque [4.79 MB] [2 pages]