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Family History Research and Reference Books

These books are available for loan from Tower Hamlets Libraries and Idea Stores with the exception of those indicated with an *.  If you are interested in the books pre-fixed with *, go along to your local library or Idea Store and ask a member of staff who will be happy to make a reservation for the book which carries a charge of 70p.

Nick Barratt 
 The Family Detective: discover your family history and bring your past to life 
*Nick Barratt 
 Who Do You Think You Are Encyclopedia of Genealogy 
*Paul Chambers
 Early Modern Genealogy: researching your family history 1600 - 1838 

Peter Christian 
 The Genealogist's Internet 
Jane Cox 
 Tracing your East End Ancestors 
*Paul Crooks
A Tree without Roots 

Graeme Davis  
 Your Family Tree Online: how to trace your ancestry from your own computer
Simon Fowler 
Family History, Digging Deeper 
Simon Fowler 
Poor Law Records for Family Historians 
Simon Fowler 
Tracing your Ancestors, a Guide for Family Historians 
Karen Foy Family
History for Beginners 

Cherry Gilchrist
Growing your Family Tree 
Guy Grannum 
Tracing your West Indian Ancestors 
David Hey 
The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History 
Jonathan Oates 
 Tracing your London Ancestors 
*Chris Paton 
 Tracing your Family History on the Internet: a guide for family historians 
*Colin D. Rogers 
 The Family Tree Detective: a manual for tracing your ancestors in England and Wales 
*William Spencer Family History in the Wars: how your ancestors served their country 

*Rosemary Wenzerul Tracing your Jewish Ancestors: a guide for family historians