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Idea Store Whitechapel Exhibition 1 - 21 September (Third Floor)

King’s latest works are collaged from charity and antique shop reference. Photographic images of glassware, fabric and bric-a-brac are contoured with scissors in sinuous form, then layered and composed on paper. The resulting landscapes, that juxtapose opulent and abject elements, may evoke the vistas of a brittle Sci-fi dystopia or perhaps utopia.

Structures that meld architectural and organic reference recall the biomorphic forms of Yves Tanguy. These are framed by geometric lines and pathways that hover ghostlike, taking the viewers eye through and around the composition.

Recent works include a series of chalk drawings, some loosely translated from the collages. These appear reminiscent of etching, as if the luminous marks have been excavated from the black ground. 

King appropriates reference as a means of searching and unlocking. A way to reinvent and make connections between things and environments. By transposing cast off consumerist forms to recall the natural world, he aims to explore and question themes of desire, value and sustainability. 

King’s recent projects include: Glass box, OUTPOST studios, Gildengate, Norwich, UK, (2021), MK Calling 2020, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, (2020), Materiality, International online exhibition, On the Edge, (2020), Groundwork, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK (2019) and Pensar Baroque, Braga, Portugal, (2019)