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Writeidea Short Story Prize

The Writeidea Short Story Prize is a competition is aimed at writers who have never been published before. Stories must be a maximum of 3,000 words (no minimum).

We will hopefully running this again this year and in the mean time, here are the winners and shortlists for 2017

Writeidea Short Story Prize Winner 2017

Copper by Nichola Stafford [read PDF]

Runners Up:

Sometimes I Run [read PDF]

The Flood [read PDF]

Colours in a Grey Landscape [read PDF]

The House In Stepney Green [read PDF]

Writeidea Teen Short Story Prize Winner 2017

It All Turned to Dust by Tara Baaj [read PDF]

Runners Up:

No Title by Maximus McCabe [read PDF]

Auschwitz Account by Alex Pagendam [read PDF]

The Black Renault Clio and the Double-Decker Bus by Georgie Estall [read PDF]

The Wailing Gates by Harvey Samuel Walton [read PDF]

Writeidea ESOL Short Story Prizes

Pre Entry - Entry 1 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Fateya Alam Choudhury Jinuk [read PDF]

Entry 2 - Entry 3 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Jun Li [read PDF]

Level 1 - Level 2 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Jimmy Mendez [read PDF]